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Africa World Airlines reiterates its willingness to be part of New Ghana Flag Carrier

Africa World Airlines has come out to show its support to the new national carrier in Ghana. The Government of Ghana has finalized its strategic partnership agreement with Ethiopian Airlines for the establishment of a new flag carrier with ET having 49 per cent and Ghana 51 per cent shares. 

Based on the agreement signed, Ghana’s new national carrier will start flying domestic to build its routes, before focusing on regional and international flights.

The Chief Operating Officer, Sean Mendis had this to say, " We have been continuously engaged in discussions with the Ministry of Aviation to partner with them on this project, and we reiterate our continued willingness to do so.

"We believe that private sector carriers like AWA have helped drive the growth in Ghanaian aviation over the last decade, and we sincerely hope that a venture to be majority owned by the Government of Ghana will continue to drive innovation and competition in the marketplace." Sean Mendis.

According to sources in the Government, the Ghana government will invest in the new home-based carrier now to start the business but will offload the 41 per cent shares as communicated previously to the Ghanaian investors who have expressed interest in the venture at a later date.

Source: gh-aviation