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Takoradi Airport to resume commercial operations on 28th May

Commercial flight operations will resume tomorrow from the Takoradi Airport in the Western Region of Ghana.

Africa World Airlines, announced a resumption of flights to Takoaradi from 28th May, 2020. "The services will initially operate between Accra to Takoradi on Mondays and Thursdays at mid-day".

Flights will depart from Accra to Takoradi at 1210pm, and from Takoradi to Accra at 120pm. "The timings are designed to offer convenient two-way immediate connections between Takoradi and both Kumasi and Tamale, as part of our commitment to provide essential transportation links between all the communities we serve", the spokeperson said.

Safety protocols have been put in place to to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19)

Below is the schedule of Africa World Airlines now 


AW110 ACC dep 0920 arr 1000 KMS (daily)

AW111 KMS dep 1040 arr 1120 ACC


AW116 ACC dep 1210 arr 1250 KMS (Th/Fr/Sa only)

AW117 KMS dep 1320 arr 1400 ACC


AW118 ACC dep 1510 arr 1550 KMS (daily)

AW119 KMS dep 1620 arr 1700 ACC



AW166 ACC dep 0900 arr 1000 TML (daily except Sun)

AW167 TML dep 1030 arr 1130 ACC


AW172 ACC dep 1150 arr 1250 TML (Mo/We/Fr/Su only)

AW173 TML dep 1330 arr 1430 ACC


AW180 ACC dep 1430 arr 1530 TML (daily)

AW181 TML dep 1600 arr 1700 ACC



AW136 ACC dep 1210 arr 1250 TKD (Mo/Th only)

AW137 TKD dep 1320 arr 1400 ACC

Source: gh-aviation