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The first edition of BENIN VODOUN FESTIVAL held on 16th Jan

On Saturday, January 16, 2021, TOURA, specialized in experiential tourism, held the first edition of BENIN VODOUN FESTIVAL.  

This unique event took place at the Ilèwa Cultural Village from 4.30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. as part of the national celebration of the Voodoo festival. 

The BENIN VODOUN FESTIVAL, an evening of immersion and celebration in the heart of Beninese culture, was initiated by TOURA, Le Tourisme Autrement (Tourism Anew), in order to discover and promote Benin’s heritage.  

The main objective was to highlight the cultural aspect of voodoo to make it accessible and understandable to Evert one.  This is all the more important given all that is said about voodoo while many are those who do not understand what it is.  Beninese, expatriates and international tourists, allemand have savored the wonders of Beninese culture. 

 The Voodoo and Fâ discovery workshop led by the Curator of the Voodoo Museum of Porto-Novo, the music and dances of different Voodoo deities (Sakpata, Mami, Dan and Zangbeto) as well as various folk music and dances hosted by several professionals were awesome.  

The evening ended with a discovery and tasting of 100% Beninese dishes as well as drinks such as fresh coconut milk, "sodabi" and its derivatives, "attan", "tchakpalo", "adoyo".  These drinks were offered as an aperitif and as an accompaniment to dinner.  Beninese handcrafted tableware (pottery) was in the spotlight for a total immersion.

As Cléopatre KOUGNIAZONDE, President of TOURA said during her speech, the BENIN VODOUN FESTIVAL is the opportunity to celebrate THE cultural values of voodoo after the spiritual and religious celebrations of January 10 throughout the territory by convents and custodians of this tradition. 

One of TOURA's missions is to boost African tourism through a creative approach that allows for the most interesting and rewarding experience possible. To do this, TOURA has chosen as a formula to put experiential tourism at the service of well-being and human development.  

The participants were very happy to have taken part in such a special cultural event and hope to participate in the second edition for an even better experience.


By Cleopatre Kougniazonde

Source: gh-aviation