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Work hard, have fun and stay focused - Felicia Edem Attipoe

As we celebrate International Women's Day, we would share with you women in the Aviation and Tourism space who are making a great difference in the sector for future leaders to follow

My name is Lizzy Sasu and I will be your host for today. Welcome Felicia Edem Attipoe

LS: Tell us about yourself

FEA: My name is Ms. Felicia Edem Attipoe, an aircraft Marshaller at Ghana Airports Company Limited. I have been in the aviation industry for the past 21 years in the aviation industry. I am also the Tema West women's organiser for NPP. I am a  single mum with 2 kids.

LS: Do you have any female role models? Who are they?

FEA: Yes my role models are Auntie Ama Busia and Rev. Dr. Joyce Aryee. These women have gone through a lot of challenges and they didn't let it push them down but rather made it to the top.

LS: How do you understand the #iwd2020 theme, #generationequality

FEA: Generation equality is where both the old and young see ourselves as one and come to push and fight for a common goal. When the older generation helps and impact on the younger generation rather than condemning them.

LS: What do you think is the most important to today’s working professional?

FEA: Money

LS: Do you believe that women can better each other instead of competing?

FEA: I believe it but I doubt because women love to compete.

LS: Mentoring and coaching, which one do you prefer and why?

FEA: I prefer both because after mentoring you need to get closer to coach that is if you want a good results

LS: In terms of achievement, are you there yet?

FEA: Hmmm... I may say I am still climbing. Above the sky is my limit.

LS: Any advice to the teeming youth coming up?

FEA: Work hard, have fun and stay focused

NB: LS is for Lizzy Sasu and FEA stands for Felicia Edem Attipoe 

Source: gh-aviation